5 Benefits of Content Curation You Might Overlook

Sharing curated content can leave a marketer feeling like they’re reducing their lead generation opportunities. Logic indicates that you should direct potential leads to your content, but consistently driving eyeballs to your site might be doing more harm than good. While 100% content curation is never a good thing, sharing a mixture of self-branded and outside content on social media can have significant benefits for brand builders. Consider the following five unexpected benefits of curated content to see if it’s time to shake up your audience outreach strategy.

1) Marketers who share curated content enjoy higher engagement rates. If you only share your content on social media, your followers will become bored and lose interest. Sharing the content of others shows your followers that you’re interested in sharing helpful content instead of always being in self-promotion mode.

2) If you share compelling pieces from other online sources, you build your brand voice. While you might think you’re helping to build the reputation of others by sharing their content, you’re solidifying your reputation as a curator of top-quality content.

3) Curated content can boost your SEO rankings. Whether you are sharing curated content on Twitter or embedding curated content within a blog post on your website, the result is that you are giving search engines more URLs to index for your brand. Roundup posts of embedded social media posts are a great way to catch the attention of authors you admire while reducing the time you need to spend on writing a fresh blog post. Use a tool like Embed.ly (embed.ly/cards) to insert curated content into your posts and then @ mention authors you’ve quoted when you share your blog post on social media.

4) Curated content is an awesome way to boost your email outreach engagement rates. Don’t fill your email newsletter with just your content. Share informative content from others in your newsletters, and watch your open rates soar.

5) Sharing curated content can help reduce your marketing expenditures. Instead of paying a full-time content marketer to craft all your content, you can opt for a part-time content creator. You’ll still be able to offer custom content for your brand, but you can supplement your social sharing with curated content as well.


Originally published 09/11/17.