5 Social Media Sins to Avoid at All Costs

People will forgive a lot of things. Companies have done a lot of terrible things through history, and yet their stocks remain high and their products fly off the shelves. However, there are some mistakes in social media marketing you must never make. You can recover from them, but usually at the cost of a lot of time and resources.

1. Spamming

Nothing is deadlier to a social media marketing campaign than spamming your followers. It doesn’t matter how good your offering is – if you irritate them enough, your offer won’t be worth it. They’ll look for a company that doesn’t clog their feeds or inboxes and forget you ever existed.

Spamming usually involves sending messages repeatedly until you get a response, but it can also happen if you send varying messages directly to the consumer in bulk. It’s also characterized by a lack of personalization. It’s the electronic form of shouting at someone’s face. Don’t do it, because being marked as a spammer can derail your brand and your entire campaign.

2. You Have Too Many Social Media Channels

Ideally, your marketing campaign will involve as many relevant social media marketing channels as possible. Unfortunately, that can result in you spreading your efforts too thin. Unless you have a massive budget or a dedicated team, you likely can’t handle all channels. You’ll miss consumer messages, miss the post quota, and your presence on that channel will wane.

Three is a good number, but you can bump it down to one if you’re starved for resources. The determining factor is your time and manpower. If you can’t reply to messages and post appropriate content on each channel on time, you’ve got too much on your plate. It won’t do your campaign any good if your performance is mediocre across a hundred networks.

3. You Promote Too Much

Everyone expects a certain amount of self-promoting on social media, just like everyone expects a certain amount of self promoting at a dinner party. But just as at a dinner party, if you do too much self-promoting, you will quickly find yourself standing all alone in the corner. It’s important that the members of your community know what you do, but the second you start selling them instead of talking to them, all trust will be lost.

4. You Ignore Your Community

Few businesses can survive without a loyal community. Communities create word-of-mouth and buzz, two priceless elements of a successful marketing campaign. Ignoring them by not interacting with your followers will prevent any sort of community from forming.

The problem doesn’t end there. Many people opt to use social media for customer support, simply because they’re usually connected to it anyway. Failing to interact with your customers on your social media accounts can make them feel unheard, which may be what the competition needs to dig into your market share.

5. You Don’t Have Calls-To-Action

Having a lot of followers feels good, but that’s just a stepping stone to your real goal – lead generation. Many businesses forget to add a call-to-action, so they have a lot of fans on their page, but no one’s being prompted to actually act on their loyalty. Even something as simple as a website link can generate leads if you run a tight campaign.

However, that’s still leaving money on the table. Instead of putting up a website link, put links to various deals and offers. Leading them to your homepage can work, but it’s a weak sell. Lead them to an opportunity – to something actionable. You could weave calls-to-action into your posts, but do so sparingly, and only when your offer is relevant to the content.

The biggest danger all of these social media sins share is the waste of time. Fail to add a call-to-action, and your social media marketing campaign has no real output. Pay no attention to your community, and you’re giving away content and getting nothing in return. Spam, and you drive people away from your brand. You can recover from this, but it’s best not to fall in a hole in the first place.


Originally published 11/16/16.