6 Tips for Getting Your Tweets Retweeted

Businesses using Twitter to market their products and services know that getting their messages retweeted by other users is one of the most important elements of marketing success. While writing eye-catching headlines and creating valuable content are often cited as the best ways to spread your messages, there are other ways to increase your chances of Twitter users retweeting your content to their followers. Here are six essential tips for getting your tweets retweeted.

Post Topical Messages

Twitter is a popular source of breaking news stories and lively topical debate, with many trending hashtags originating from current events and news stories. Posting messages that include topical elements is an effective way to catch the attention of your intended audience. Creating topical tweets also enables you to use trending hashtags, which greatly increases the number of users viewing your messages.

Add Images

Images are always popular with Twitter users, particularly if the image captures a funny, poignant, or emotional moment. The image should fit with the theme and topic of your tweet, otherwise its meaning may be lost, and your audience will be confused. Images should also fit the tone of your message. For example, if you are commenting on a serious issue, such as war, injustice, or a natural disaster, you may choose to include a somber image that relates to the event.

Choose the Right Hashtags

Trending and popular hashtags can be extremely useful, as tweets using these hashtags may be viewed by thousands of people who would not normally see your messages, enabling you to reach a wide and diverse audience. However, some popular hashtags are saturated with hundreds, or even thousands, of separate messages every minute, which means that your message can easily get lost in a crowd.

Ask for Retweets

Asking for retweets may seem like an aggressive marketing tactic, but many Twitter users are happy to help spread the message for businesses and marketers that provide value or entertainment. If you have a loyal following of people and regularly engage with your audience, consider politely asking them to retweet important messages. Increase your chances of success by making the messages interesting and engaging.

Retweet Other Users’ Content

Twitter users often reciprocate when businesses and marketers retweet their content or mention them in a tweet. Look for interesting messages posted by your followers and consider retweeting or replying to them. Reciprocation is one of the basic principles of successful Twitter marketing, so try identifying the followers most likely to share your messages and focus on building reciprocal relationships with them.

Leave Space to Add a Message

Many people like to add their own message when retweeting content, so remember to leave enough space for users to add a comment. Try to keep your messages below 100 characters, as this will leave 40 characters for your followers to add their text. Save space by using link shortening and limiting the number of hashtags.

Encouraging a steady stream of retweets is one of the most important elements of successful Twitter marketing, as it increases your potential audience and helps to spread your message. Posting topical messages, adding images, choosing the right hashtags, asking for retweets, retweeting other users’ content, and leaving space for your followers to add a message will all increase the chances of your message being retweeted.


Originally published 03/03/17.