8 Facebook Post Ideas to Promote Your Small Business

According to Hubspot, 72% of adult Internet users are active on Facebook. As the #1 social media network, Facebook has become vital for businesses who need to establish an online presence for their customers.

Whether you’re seeking to increase brand awareness, improve your lead generation, or drive traffic to your site, Facebook is the best platform to capture attention and grow an audience. The key is ensuring that you’re maintaining consistency with your postings so that followers can engage with your content.

Your posts give you an opportunity to share value that resonates with your market. They also highlight your brand culture, humanizing your company in a way that makes you relatable. These are key ingredients to fostering trust with potential customers.

For these reasons, it’s important to post like clockwork to increase visibility and exposure. Here are 8 Facebook post ideas you can leverage to promote your small business and encourage followers to interact with your content.

#1 Video Posts

Social video generates 1,200% more shares than text and images combined. Additionally, video posts on Facebook have a whopping 135% greater organic reachthan photo posts. These numbers illustrate the power of leveraging videos in your inbound strategy to boost brand awareness and engagement.

Commit to adding more social videos to your Facebook marketing. How-to videos that demonstrate your products or help users solve a common problem perform well on social media. Sharing your expertise and advice on key topics using video helps solidify your credibility in the industry. Leverage this tool to your advantage in order to grow your brand name.

Be sure to upload your videos directly to Facebook for optimal impact. Remember to include a compelling call-to-action in your headline to increase engagement.

#2 Customer Testimonials

Did you know that 88% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations? Customer testimonials build trust with consumers and move them closer to a buying decision. They foster confidence, revealing that if something works for your customers, it will work for them too.

Adjust your Facebook marketing to share customer reviews and recommendations with your followers. Reposting content from your customers is a great way to keep your content calendar filled, while highlighting positive brand experiences.

#3 Retro Photos

Hashtags aren’t as popular on Facebook as they are on Instagram, but there are still popular ones, like #TBT (Throwback Thursdays), that drive tons of engagement. Sharing photos from your early beginnings is a great way to incorporate storytelling into your Facebook strategy.

People connect with stories, so share some of your company’s history or nostalgic content that exudes the essence of your brand.

#4 Quizzes

Quizzes tend to be fun and engaging for participants. Most delight in discovering new things about themselves that add value or give inspiration. Tools like Typeformand Quiz Maker make it easy to design your own and share them with your Facebook audience.

A great way to build your leads list using quizzes is to have participants give their first name and email address to get their test results. Often you can use the data collected for product advancements or to gain further insight into your market.

#5 Live Product Demonstrations

After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online. People spend three times longer watching product demonstrations when performed live. Facebook Live can help you build your audience fast and bolster your digital marketing goals.

Facebook Live is an excellent tool to give your followers a chance to see how your product works. Viewers can ask you questions in real-time and receive prompt responses. At the end of your broadcast, be sure to tell people where they can buy your product.

#6 Influencer’s Content

When done right, influencer marketing can put your brand in front of a fresh audience that is eager to connect with you. More brands are leveraging influencer marketing to expand their reach, foster follower engagement, and produce more genuine content. Establishing these partnerships can create winning situations for your business and their followers.

If you’re looking for unique and authentic approaches to reaching and connecting with today’s consumer, influencer marketing is your answer.

Begin by seeking out influencers in your niche and start sharing their content on your Facebook page. Make it original by adding your opinion about why it’s share-worthy. Don’t forget to tag the influencer—they will appreciate the mention.

#7 Viral Posts or Videos

Whether relevant to your industry or not, viral videos are creative ways to bring zest to your Facebook content and humanize your brand. They show that you’re relatable and don’t mind having fun on the job. Sharing viral content also drives engagement, getting more people involved on your page.

How to find viral content? Ruzzit is a site where you can find the most shared content on the web. Give your followers a good laugh or offer some inspiration by posting the latest viral video (or post). Ask people to like or pass it along to generate even more responses…and exposure.

#8 Curate Content

Content curation is a smart strategy to fill in the gaps of your content marketing. By curating the best content in your industry, you will further cement your position as a reliable resource in your niche. Publishing others’ content reveals that you have your consumers’ best interests at heart.

Use an editorial calendar to schedule the days that you will curate content on Facebook. Many social media management tools like Sprout Social have curation tools to help you share posts from your favorite sources.


Amplify your Facebook marketing by using a few of these tips in your strategy. With consistency, you’ll start to grow your following, increase brand exposure, and drive engagement with your brand. If you have questions about any of the post ideas covered in this article please feel free to message our team.


Originally published 08/10/17, updated 08/11/17.