5 Ways to Build a Solid Twitter Following

Twitter remains one of the strongest marketing options a business can use. It has 100 million users daily, making it a great way to reach an audience. Here are a few ways you can develop a strong Twitter following.

1. Keep Tabs on Who Unfollows You

Marketing is as much about what goes wrong as it is about what goes right. That’s how you can fine tune your campaigns. When something fails, you don’t throw in the trash. You study it. You figure out what went wrong and, then decide whether it’s cost-effective to retool the campaign or scrap it, using the lessons learned to create a more effective one.

Finding out who unfollows you can tell you a lot of things. It can tell you that your current campaign is alienating pre-existing customers and followers, for example. Study the context of when they unfollowed. Were they active followers or where they spammy followers? Are they part of your target market? Are you’re losing touch with them?

2. Use Custom Hashtags

Twitter’s a big place, and it can be hard for your marketing campaign to gain ground. There’s so much stuff going on that you can get lost in all the noise. You need a way to get noticed, and hashtags are a good way to do that.

Creating the right custom hashtag is a matter of making it general enough to be relatable while making sure it’s still relevant to your brand. This will make it easier for others to use it, which can lead to indirect exposure. For example, we use the hashtag #socialONLYagency. It immediately tells people who we are and what we do.

3. Use Featured Images in Your Tweets

Pictures remain a powerful way to increase interactivity on Twitter. They can evoke more emotion than a set of words, can be processed at a glance, and even take up more space on feeds, which make your tweets eye-catching. You can use them to link to your blog posts as well.

Instead of putting up a link, change the article’s featured image and attach it to the tweet. This will increase its visibility and keep it from looking like spam. Even if you use a link-shortening service to make it look cleaner, it can still look dirty or questionable. Attaching a picture makes it look more trustworthy.

4. Follow & Tag People Who Favorite and Retweet

Having customers interact with your Twitter account is one thing. While that’s nice, it doesn’t guarantee that they’ll follow you. They could have found your tweet through any number of avenues. They’re not ambassadors for your brand or part of your community; they just liked that particular message.

Give them the opportunity to see more of your tweets by following them. This will alert them that someone new is following them and can result in them following you back. It’s a quick way to maximize the benefits of any exposure and interactivity you get.

5. Tag Photos

If there’s anything businesses must understand about the modern world, it’s that the focus is on the user rather than the product. The most successful products in the world don’t have customers as brand ambassadors because their product is amazing – though it often is – it’s because people like using those products.

Tag photos whenever you can. Tag people in them, tag the person featured in them, tag the city in them. Doing so indicates to people that your company isn’t selfish and loves connecting and interacting with other people. This can provoke people to follow you to get their moment in the sun, or it may convince other companies to follow you to get some exposure of their own.

Twitter remains a powerful social media marketing platform for those who know how to use it. Unfortunately for many businesses, it’s more than spamming tweets. Building a community involves a focused and tireless campaign. It’s difficult, but the benefits of having a large and dedicated following is worth the effort.


Originally published 9/29/16.