New Customer Outreach Tools for 2017

Are you seeing less engagement on your Facebook page? Is your Instagram ROI waning and making you wonder if you should even bother posting photos and videos? Before you throw in the social media towel, you might want to consider whether it’s the tools you’re using that are causing your lackluster performance. Basic social media posts just won’t cut it in our social-crazed world. You need to upgrade your audience outreach initiatives if you hope to stand any chance of connecting with consumers.

Thanks to entrepreneurs in the social media space, there are now more social media startups than ever before. Some startups are fresh entrants in the social space, while others are side-projects developed by existing social media experts. If your social networking strategy needs a good, swift kick in the ass in 2017, following is a selection of awesome new social media tools you might want to consider using. You’re welcome!

Banner Easy

As their name suggests, Banner Easy makes it easy to create tantalizing banners. Create anything from engaging graphics for your Facebook wall to advertising images for your ecommerce shop. Add CTA buttons, social media buttons, photographs, or background images to your creations. If you’re ready to supercharge your visual marketing this year, investigating Banner Easy is highly recommended.


Post Recycler

If you’re looking for a way to significantly boost your Twitter ROI, StatusBrew’s Post Recycler has your name all over it. Their easy-to-use interface lets you easily recycle your Twitter posts. Edit your posts, analyze audience interactions, and schedule multiple tweets at once. Post Recycler can be used for a single Twitter account or can be used to manage multiple accounts at once. If 2017 is the year you double-down on Twitter, this is one startup worthy of further investigation.


Content Ideator

Available from Content Forest, Content Ideator lets you discover trending content across multiple social media networks. Search by keywords relevant to your target audience and find out which topics are resonating with your customers. Content Ideator collects data from Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Trends. Use the information you find to create your own content posts or share trending posts with your audience. Your audience will think you’re a marketing superstar once you add this startup to your list of must-use social media tools.


Paying attention to hot new startups is a great way to put your foot on the social media gas pedal. You’re able to discover new resources before your competitors (can you say thought leader?) and supercharge your audience outreach efforts at the same time. Will you be adding these social media startups to your marketing repertoire this year?


Originally published 12/28/16.