Don’t Wait, Start Using Facebook Ads Now

No matter the type of business you run, getting your message in front of the right people is vital to your success, and you will want to take steps to get the most from any marketing campaign. You will find many resources that promise to help business owners gain exposure, but you won’t want to miss out on the power of Facebook marketing. If you follow the right steps, this platform will allow you to target your audience by age, location, interests, and more. At the start, you won’t always get the results you’d hoped for, but you can view which people respond the best to your ads. You can then adjust your targeting to optimize your effectiveness.

When your goal is to grow your business with Facebook, navigating to the ad manager to create your ad is the first step. From this menu, you will notice several options, but the one that you want to choose will depend on your goals. So before you move forward, consider whether you want to generate social engagement, send people to your website, or enhance your conversion rate. After you select an option, it’s time to define your target audience.

As far as targeting is concerned, you need to focus on the people who are the most likely to take an interest in your product or service. If you are not sure which audience to target, simply show your ads to people who follow your competitors. When other companies in the industry are doing well on Facebook, marketing to their customers is an efficient method for duplicating their results. On the right of the screen, you will see some basic information on how many people your ads will potentially reach. Depending on your market, precise targeting often performs the best.

Once you’ve selected your target audience, you need to start designing your ad, and you need to take your time with this step. Keeping in mind that people who use social media are overwhelmed with ads, make your post as captivating and engaging as possible. You can achieve that goal by using high-quality pictures with a compelling headline, but don’t forget to include a strong call-to-action, instructing your audience to like your post, follow your page, or click your link. Some people don’t see the importance of adding a call-to-action, but if you run a split test, you will be surprised by the difference it makes.

After they set up and publish their ads, some business owners think their task is complete—but it’s not. When you target, create, and publish your ad on Facebook, you have only finished half of the process. You now need to monitor the amount of money that you invest in each campaign to determine the return that you can expect. Although a lot of marketers are quick to abandon an ad that does not do well on the first day, you should run your campaign for at least a week before making a final decision.

Ignoring the power of Facebook is a mistake that can cause any business to fail. Jumping on board can give you the advantage that you need to overtake the competition. Because each business, market, and location are different, you can’t just follow a marketing blueprint and walk away. If you value your business and want to protect your investment, spend some time each day tracking your progress. With persistence, planning, and determination, Facebook marketing will become a critical asset that will supercharge your business.

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Originally published 01/17/17.