Promoting Your Business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social platform that offers a more professional environment than most other social networks. In the beginning, LinkedIn catered to professionals looking to advance their careers, but businesses soon learned they could use it as a marketing tool to promote their brand, products, and services. Here are five ways to promote your business on LinkedIn.

1. Create a Unique Company Page

LinkedIn allows businesses to create a detailed company page that lets other users know who they are and what they do. On your company page, you can also add information about your products and services, which enables you to highlight any unique selling points offered by your company. Make your company page stand out from the crowd by using images, statements and other elements that make an impact.

2. Start or Join a Group

LinkedIn Groups enable you to connect with other users, find people with similar interests and join in conversations. Groups are organized by keywords and categories, with several groups available for almost every purpose, industry and business type possible. If you can’t find a group to suit your needs, you can create your own group and allow other users to contribute to the conversation.

3. Request a Recommendation

LinkedIn provides the option to give and receive recommendations. While you can contact any other user and ask them to write a recommendation for your company, this may be seen as rude or desperate, so it’s usually best to select only users that have expressed a positive interest in your company. You can also write recommendations for other businesses or professionals, as many users will reciprocate with a positive review of your products and services.

4. Post Eye-Catching Status Updates

LinkedIn status updates can be used to target specific users, promote your products or highlight current discounts. Posting eye-catching status updates grab the attention of other users and enable you to steer them towards your profile page, promotional content, website or other social media accounts. Posting a question, answering a common question, or making a bold statement can be highly effective ways to capture attention.

5. Use LinkedIn Advertisements

LinkedIn Ads allows you to create targeted advertisements to drive traffic to your website. LinkedIn Ads can produce great results, but advertisements can be expensive, so you will need to monitor the results carefully to make sure your campaign is cost effective. LinkedIn advertising campaigns usually work best when combined with a targeted landing page designed specifically for a promotion, so you will want to plan your strategy carefully before signing up.


Originally published 10/21/16.