How Do You Create a Facebook Ad Account?

Facebook has done a lot of great things but offering quality documentation isn’t one of them. Here are a simple set of instruction designed to make setting up your Facebook Business Manager as easy as possible.



The first step to setting up a new Facebook Ad Account or updating an existing account is to visit the link below.

If you are not already logged into Facebook it will prompt you to do so.


Once logged in you will find yourself inside the settings tab of the Facebook Business Manager.

By default, you will start in the “Ad Accounts” page. This is where you will need to submit all of your Ad Account information.

Please fill out all fields within the “Ad Account Setup” section.


Before moving on please copy down your “Ad Account ID”. This is how SocialXpresso will request permission to manage your account.

Don’t worry about filling out the “Attribution” details or the “Ad Account Roles” details. We will update those at later.



Once everything is filled in on the “Ad Accounts” page navigate down to the “Payment Settings” page.

The “Payment Settings” page is where you will enter your “Payment Methods”.


Canadian customers will only see an option to use either Visa or MasterCard. If you are interested in using American Express you can use the PayPal option and add your American Express as the default methods of payment on your PayPal account.


Once you’ve entered your payment method Facebook gives you the option of adding a spending limit. This is a completely optional step and can be updated at any time.



Your new Facebook Ad Account should be ready to go. If you have any questions regarding the setup please contact your account manager.