Can You Suggest Any Twitter Ads Editor Tips?

Add Keywords

Add keywords directly into the ads editor tool, separating each keyword by a semicolon. Copy keywords across as many campaigns as desired for faster keyword additions.

Three-minute Download Timeout

If your spreadsheet isn’t downloading after three minutes, try a smaller date range or use the filter to download only the campaigns you need to edit. Typically 200 campaigns or fewer work best.

Choose your targeting

Geography, gender, language, device type, interests, look-alikes, TV targeting, keywords, and tailored audiences are just some of the ways you can target your campaign. Download the targeting criteria syntax sheet from the Export tab header to access targeting IDs tailored to your ad account.

Make a template

Create a “new campaign” template with frequently used fields already built for your brand. You’ll be able to paste template campaigns into the Ads editor workbook with minimal editing.

End-of-campaign adjustments

Quickly adjust end dates or daily spends across campaigns to ensure your schedules and budgets are met and you’re optimizing each ad.


Originally published 01/22/18, updated 03/22/18.