How Do I Set up Multiple Ad Groups in Twitter Ads Editor?

With ad groups, you can better organize, optimize and measure the performance of your campaigns. Setting up multiple ad groups is easy and very similar to setting up an individual campaign.

  • Copy and paste the parent campaign row for multiple ad groups.

  • Keep the same campaign ID for all new ad group rows. This signifies that these ad groups are part of the same parent campaign.

  • Keep all your blue campaign-level parameters the same and scroll to the green ad group level.

  • Make all the new ad group IDs blank. When you import it back into our system, new ad group IDs will generate.

  • Enter your new ad group names.

  • Set the start dates for each new ad group (end dates are optional).

  • Enter new placement selections or leave them the same as the parent campaign.

  • Enter your new bids.

  • Now you are ready to set targeting parameters for each campaign.

  • Follow the same steps for creating a new campaign: Download the targeting criteria syntax sheet from Ads editor to find the targeting ID codes. Enter them as desired. Next, enter all your Tweet IDs. You can copy your tweet or card IDs from the creatives dropdown in the main ads dashboard.

  • Now you’re ready to import your new ad groups to Twitter Ads to set them live.


Originally published 01/22/18, updated 03/22/18.