How Do I Attach a Website to a Snap?

Find something amazing online? Tap the 📎 to attach it to a Snap! When friends see your Snap, they can swipe up to view the website you attached — whether it’s a recipe, a vacation spot, or a crucial new Harry Potter quiz ⚡
Here’s how to attach a website using the Paperclip tool:

  1. Take a new Snap 📸
  2. Tap the 📎 button
  3. Choose a link! You can send a link you already copied to your clipboard, search the web for a new link, or choose one of the links you’ve sent in the past 🌐
  4. Tap ‘Attach to Snap’ if you want to share this link
  5. Send the Snap when it’s ready to go!


Originally published 01/22/18, updated 03/22/18.