What is Snap Map Location Sharing?

If you and a friend have both added one another on Snapchat, you can choose to share your locations with each other on Snap Map 🗺️ 

Your location on Snap Map only updates when you have Snapchat open — so you don’t have to worry about your location being updated in the background or anything 📵 

Location Sharing Options Include:

  • Only Me (Ghost Mode): Your location won’t be visible to anyone else on the Map! You can turn Ghost Mode on and off, or set a timer if you only want to be on the down low for a little while.

  • Select Friends…: Choose specific friends to share your location with! Friends you select aren’t notified when you choose them. If a friend isn’t appearing in this list, it could be because they haven’t added you as a friend on Snapchat.

  • My Friends: Your location will be shared with all of your friends — including friends you add in the future! This option doesn’t include people who’ve added you as a friend, but who you haven’t added back. If you choose this option, we’ll check in from time to time to make sure you still want to share your location with all of your friends.

To edit your location settings, just tap the ⚙️ button in the top-right corner of the Map screen! You can change who can see your location, or you can hide your location altogether by going into Ghost Mode 🙈


Originally published 01/22/18, updated 03/22/18.