What are Snapchat Context Cards?

See a Snap from somewhere cool? 🕵️ Swipe up on any Snap that says “more” to view Context Cards! They can help you learn more about a place, or plan your next visit.

Context Cards can feature things like:

📝 Reviews from critics and customers
🗺️ Directions to the venue
🕑 Hours of operation
📞 Phone numbers to contact
🚕 Rides from ride-sharing services
🍽️ Reservations at restaurants
🌐 Websites for more information
👻 More Snaps from around that area

When you submit a Snap to Our Story, it can also show up on a Context Card of the location you’re submitting from! If you’d like to report a Snap you saw in Context Cards, go here for more information. 

Note: Context Cards are only available in specific countries right now 🌏 If they aren’t in your region at the moment, they hopefully will be soon!


Originally published 01/22/18, updated 03/22/18.