What is Snapchat Crowd Surf?

Snapchat “Crowd Surf” uses artificial intelligence machine learning technology to analyze when lots of people are all recording the same musical performance at the same time. It can then lace together the different angles while keeping the song playing smoothly so you can choose where to watch from and see more than 10 seconds of footage in a row. 

Want to see the action from another point of view, but don’t want to miss a beat? Don’t be afraid to Crowd Surf! No stage-jumping necessary 👨‍🎤👩‍🎤

Here’s how to Crowd Surf:

View one of Our Stories about a festival, sports event, or more 🎉

View a Snap with Crowd Surf enabled — it’ll have a   button in the bottom-right corner

Tap the  button to switch perspectives 👀

Keep tapping the button to change viewpoints — it’ll eventually go back to your original spot!

Note: You might not be able to Crowd Surf on every Our Story you watch. When you see the button, that’s your cue!


Originally published 01/22/18, updated 03/22/18.