December 2018 - Top Social Media Articles


Rising Instagram stars are posting fake sponsored content

A decade ago, shilling products to your fans may have been seen as selling out. Now it’s a sign of success. “People know how much influencers charge now, and that payday is nothing to shake a stick at,” said Alyssa Vingan Klein, the editor in chief of Fashionista, a fashion-news website.” via @TheAtlantic 12/18/2018

Google will shut down Google+ four months early after data leak

Google+ has suffered another data leak, and Google has decided to shut down the consumer version of the social network four months earlier than it originally planned. Google+ will now close to consumers in April, rather than August. Additionally, API access to the network will shut down within the next 90 days. via @Verge 12/10/2018

Social media outpaces print newspapers in the U.S. as a news source

Social media sites have surpassed print newspapers as a news source for Americans: One-in-five U.S. adults say they often get news via social media, slightly higher than the share who often do so from print newspapers (16%) for the first time since Pew Research Center began asking these questions. In 2017, the portion who got news via social media was about equal to the portion who got news from print newspapers.

Google Posts decline in traffic leave many to wonder if strategy is worth the time

Last year at LocalU Advanced in Santa Monica, Joel Headley from PatientPop shared a strategy they were using for Google Posts which sparked my interest. His use of Google Posts increased bookings by 11 percent across thousands of listings. He found a lot of the increase in clicks was actually to the Appointment URL, not just the post itself.

Majority of publishers see much lower Facebook traffic now vs. last year [POLL]

Facebook organic reach is dying. Facebook organic reach is dead. If you want any traffic from Facebook, you have to pay for it. We’ve been hearing variations on the above themes for a while now from marketers, brands, and publishers who have watched a flood of organic traffic become a trickle over the years. via @sejournal 12/07/2018

5 Social media marketing trends that will dominate 2019

The world of social media is constantly changing, bringing new trends, ideas, and unspoken rules each year. In most cases, the changes aren’t sudden or unexpected, but rather gradual and relatively predictable - for example, who was really surprised to see Google + shut down? via @socialmedia2day 12/04/2018

Facts about Facebook’s Messaging partnerships

In the past day, we’ve been accused of disclosing people’s private messages to partners without their knowledge. That’s not true – and we wanted to provide more facts about our messaging partnerships. via @Facebook 12/19/2018

B2B Instagram content: tips and tools for marketers

Ready to put your company on Instagram? Wondering how to publish B2B Instagram content that supports business goals? In this article, you’ll find tools to help you deliver Instagram content that will raise brand awareness, strengthen customer loyalty, and grow an engaged community. via @smexaminer 12/06/2018

13 Social media experts share their biggest piece of marketing advice [PODCAST]

When in doubt about your marketing strategy, turn to the social media experts. Often the best way to learn about a craft is from someone who has been in your shoes before. Social media marketing is becoming increasingly pivotal for businesses around the world. More emails are being sent and more blog posts are being published on a daily basis than ever before in history. via @Buffer 12/17/2018

We Should Replace Facebook With Personal Websites

Personal websites and email can replace most of what people like about Facebook—namely the urge to post about their lives online. via @motherboard 12/19/2018

Facebook bug exposed up to 6.8M users’ unposted photos to apps

Reset the “days since the last Facebook privacy scandal” counter, as Facebook has just revealed a Photo API bug gave app developers too much access to the photos of up to 5.6 million users. The bug allowed apps users had approved to pull their timeline photos to also receive their Facebook Stories, Marketplace photos, and most worryingly, photos they’d uploaded to Facebook but never shared. via @TechCrunch 12/14/2018

How to reduce your Facebook ad spend with smart targeting

Want to lower your Facebook ad costs? Looking to improve your Facebook ad targeting? In this article, you’ll discover three ways to build highly targeted Facebook audiences based on niche interests. via @smexaminer 12/13/2018

Twitter is relaunching the reverse-chronological feed as an option for all users starting today

Twitter is offering users another escape hatch from its ranked timeline. The company said today that it will introduce a prominent new toggle in the app to switch from the ranked timeline to the original, reverse-chronological feed. The company says the move comes in recognition of the fact that Twitter is often most useful in real time, particularly during live events such as sports games or the Oscars. via @Verge 12/18/2018

85+ Expert predictions for content marketing in 2019

Have you ever wished you could see a year into the future? I can’t think of any superpower that would be more useful for content marketers than to have a sneak preview of all the important developments, trends, technologies, and key disruptors that will impact our strategic and creative decisions over the next 12 months. (Although the ability to fly might be nice as well – it would sure cut down on all my business travel time and stress!) via @cmicontent 12/11/2018

Tumblr will ban all adult content on December 17th

Tumblr will permanently ban adult content from its platform on December 17th in a move that will eradicate porn-related communities on the platform and fundamentally alter how the service is used. The ban includes explicit sexual content and nudity with a few exceptions. via @Verge 12/03/2018

Facebook relaunches search ads to offset slowing revenue

It’s an ad duopoly battle. Facebook is starting to test search ads in its search results and Marketplace, directly competing with Google’s AdWords. Facebook first tried Sponsored Results back in 2012 but eventually shut down the product in 2013. via @TechCrunch 12/11/2018

Can Twitter threads increase reach, engagement, and referral traffic? An experiment

How can you increase Twitter reach and engagement? That’s something that many marketers are thinking about, including Rand Fishkin, the founder of SparkToro, who has been wondering if Twitter gives tweets with a link less visibility than tweets without a link. And recently I’d been wondering the same. via @Buffer 12/06/2018

Instagram launches walkie-talkie voice messaging

You’d think Facebook would be faster at copying itself. Five years after Facebook Messenger took a cue from WhatsApp and Voxer to launch voice messaging, and four months after TechCrunch reported Instagram was testing its own walkie-talkie feature, voice messaging is rolling out globally on Instagram Direct today. via @TechCrunch 12/10/2018

A marketer’s guide to decoding social media algorithms in 2019

Social media algorithms play a very important role in the ability for marketers and business owners to make an impact online. And although algorithms are often difficult to understand, we need to learn to work with them and not against them if we want to find success. via @Buffer 12/03/2018

How to plan a successful influencer marketing campaign in 9 steps

Wondering how to implement an influencer marketing campaign? Looking for a plan to follow? In this article, you’ll discover nine steps to plan and execute an influencer marketing campaign. via @smexamine 12/26/2018

How to Use Video Content to Raise Brand Awareness and Sell Your Product

Video content is one of the most popular mediums for businesses today, and for good reason. Video is more engaging, more memorable, and more popular among consumers than any other type of content. via @Buffer 12/10/2018


Originally published 01/01/19, updated 01/14/19.