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November 2017

More Ways to Grow Your Business on Messenger (Nov 03, 2017)

Our thoughts: We just recently started using sponsored messages with a few of our clients and so far the results are amazing. These ads aren’t for everyone because sponsored messages are only available to businesses that have previously communicated with customers in Messenger. If you would like more information about sponsored messages or would like to give them a try please contact your project manager.

October 2017

Facebook introducing two new measurement solutions, (Oct 31, 2017)

Our thoughts: We’ve been split testing our Facebook ads for years with the use of third-party solutions. Having the ability to split test directly from the Facebook Ads Manager is a huge win for any business using Facebook ads and a huge blow to SAAS companies that offered this service at a premium. Contact your project manager today if your interested in more information about how SocialXpresso tests all our client campaigns.

Update on Our Advertising Transparency and Authenticity Efforts (Oct 27, 2017)

Our thoughts: In our opinion transparency is always a good thing! Facebook has come under fire recently for not providing enough transparency when it comes to their advertisers and their targeting. We will see what kind of changes these new efforts lead to.

Make your videos work harder with the Video Website Card (Oct 17, 2017)

Our thoughts: More tools in the “marketing toolbelt” are always appreciated, but when those tools include video, we LOVE IT.

September 2017

Strengthening Our Commitment to Safety and Kindness (Sept 26, 2017)

Our thoughts: We will always support anything Instagram can do to make the internet a safer kinder place.

Giving you more characters to express yourself (Sept 26, 2017)

Our thoughts: Our team has been on Twitter since the beginning, and as purists, we think this is a terrible idea. Twitter should stay short and concise.

Measure Brand Lift Across TV and Facebook (Sept 22, 2017)

Our thoughts: None of our clients use national TV advertising, but we can imagine that the companies that do will love this feature. More actionable data points are usually a good thing.

Hard Questions: More on Russian Ads (Sept 21, 2017)

Our thoughts: Facebook is making some hard decisions about privacy and security, and we think their transparency thru the process is inspiring. Not only are they explaining their decisions but elaborating on the process that ultimately leads to the decisions they made.

Introducing Face Filters in Live (Sept 21, 2017)

Our thoughts: Everyone knew it was just a matter of time before Instagram launched live filters. The filters are fun and will drive more people to adopt Instagram live, a huge focus of Instagram right now.

FB to Provide Congress With Ads Linked to IR Agency (Sept 21, 2017)
Our thoughts: Facebook is doing everything in its power to give lawmakers the ability to do their job correctly.

Updating Our Ad Targeting (Sept 14, 2017)
Our thoughts: Facebook was embarrassed when ProPublica wrote an article about how easy it was to target “Jew Haters” when people use anti-Semitic themes on their Facebook profiles. All self-reporting targeting fields have now been removed until a better solution has found.

Giving Advertisers More Flexibility in Instagram Stories (Sept 14, 2017)
Our thoughts: The fast-loading Facebook ad format Canvas was destined to appear on the mobile first platform eventually. Finally, that time has come. If you aren’t using it yet, what are you waiting for?

An Update On Information Operations On Facebook (Sept 6, 2017)
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Google Data Studio: quicker and broader access to data (Sept 6, 2017)
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Introducing the LinkedIn Audience Network (Sept 6, 2017)
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Building for People, and Now Businesses (Sept 5, 2017)
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An Update to the WordPress Plugin for Instant Articles (Sept 5, 2017)
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YouTube Live: faster, easier and more accessible (Sept 5, 2017)
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August 2017

Introducing Extensions: the next evolution in live streaming (Aug 31, 2017)
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Blocking Ads from Pages that Repeatedly Share False News (Aug 28, 2017)
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Announcing New Ways to Enjoy Memories with Friends (Aug 25, 2017)
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Introducing LinkedIn Video: Show Your Experience & Perspective (Aug 22, 2017)
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What Should Happen to People’s Online Identity When They Die? (Aug 18, 2017)
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News Feed FYI: Taking Action Against Video Clickbait (Aug 17, 2017)
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A swifter way to block (Aug 17, 2017)
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Get help with Twitter Ads (Aug 16, 2017)
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Introducing Active Status on LinkedIn Messaging (Aug 16, 2017)
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Making News Feed an Easier Place to Connect and Navigate (Aug 15, 2017)
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