Weekly Social Media Roundup: Sept 4, 2017


What Innovative Marketers Can Learn From Taylor Swift

For most marketers, the idea of strategically “going dark” on social media screams marketing faux pas. From irregular posting to unorganized content, a mismanaged marketing calendar is nothing but blatant disregard for best practices. And in today’s marketing industry, companies live and die based on the organizational quality of their content calendars. Yet, when it comes to creating a marketing strategy for a major music mogul like Taylor Swift, you’re able to create whatever social strategy is in your ‘wildest dreams.’

Marketo - 8/30/2017 - Liz Doerr


Ad buyers blast Facebook Audience Network for placing ads on Breitbart

The volatile political environment has led many programmatic buying platforms to shun Breitbart, but the Facebook Audience Network is still placing ads on the controversial publisher’s website.

Digiday - 8/29/2017 - Ross Benes


The Complete Guide to Video Content Marketing on Social

There’s a reason why you can’t escape video.
From brands creating eye-popping product promos on Instagram to your embarrassing friend live-streaming their ghost pepper challenge on Facebook, social users are totally surrounded by video content.
We’re obsessed with it too. Perhaps that’s why approximately 80% of all web traffic is projected to be video-based by 2021.

Sprout Social - 8/29/2017 - Brent Barnhart


Report: Retailers struggle to improve customer service on social platforms

As consumers increasingly turn to social platforms like Facebook and Instagram to shop, they expect to have customer service issues handled there, as well.

Digiday - 8/28/2017 - Bethany Biron


How to Conduct a Deep Facebook Analysis

Facebook is a preferred social network by marketers, not only because of the sheer number of users represented but also because of its incredibly insightful analytics suite. It’s important to be able to analyze customers and their behavior on a micro level due to Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm, and the implications for your content and business. If you refuse to adapt your approach based on these insights, you’re doomed to obscurity on the news feed.

Sprout Social - 8/28/2017 - Maddy Osman