Weekly Social Media Roundup: Sept 18, 2017


Media buyers applaud Canvas ads in Instagram Stories, but say there are limitations

Facebook finally brought the long-awaited Canvas ad format to Instagram Stories on Tuesday, letting advertisers promote their products and services to 250 million Stories users with a carousel of images and text-based posts contained in a single ad.

Digiday - 09/14/2017 - Yuyu Chen


5 Powerful Insights an Instagram Tracker Should Reveal to Your Brand

While Instagram might have felt like uncharted territory in the past, the platform represents major possibilities for marketers today.
The numbers don’t lie. According to recent Instagram statistics, brands are hopping on board en masse as the platform approaches 1 billion users.

Sprout Social - 09/13/2017 - Brent Barnhart


Now millennials are killing diamonds, so the industry is Instagramming

Pesky millennials have made swift work of everything from banks and cereal to golf and beer. Precious gemstones are next on the kill list — and the industry is fighting back by going, naturally, to Instagram.

Digiday - 09/13/2017 - Shareen Pathak


5 Important LinkedIn Updates for Marketing Professionals

LinkedIn, as many of you know, is the world’s largest professional network on the internet, and is striving to keep it that way. To stay the course, LinkedIn has been quickly improving its product and adding new features.

Marketo - 09/13/2017 - Tristan Esposo


5 Ways to Improve Your CRM Strategy With Social Media

Your customers are likely the most critical aspect of your business–so why would you ever take their journey with your brand for granted? And most organizations, rightfully so, would argue that they do care deeply about their customers’ experience. However, when it comes to social media, customer relationship management (CRM) isn’t always a high priority for many.

Sprout Social - 09/12/2017 - Alex York


Driving Engagement with Content For Facebook

With an average of 1.32 billion daily active users, Facebook continues to be an effective social media channel for marketers. Despite the constant influx of new, trendy platforms, it continues to have the most engaged users with 70% of users logging on daily and 43% of those doing so several times a day. With that said, Facebook has long been an integral part of a business’s brand strategy for success. But why isn’t your Facebook content driving engagement? A lot of the time it can feel as though the content you’re creating is simply launched into a black hole and never interacted with.

CallRail - 09/11/2017 - Amber Guidry


How to Add Social Media Holidays to Your Marketing Mix

Content around national holidays, bizarre holidays, and even local festivities draw huge crowds on social media. By now, we creatives openly acknowledge the fact that art involves some degree of imitation. This does not mean that we copy, but that we seek inspiration from those content creators who have done an excellent job. At Unmetric, we constantly measure and monitor our marketing efforts. We’ve found that we get a lot of engagement (and conversions) from our content on social media holidays, like this Mother’s Day article. So, how can you take advantage of social media holidays to increase engagement on your channels?

Marketo - 09/11/2017 - Lux Narayan


8 Ways to Engage College Students Through Social

Today’s students can turn to their smartphone or tablet and access a world of information in mere seconds. This is exemplified by the fact that 70% of college students are using social media during class time. Instead of fighting against these distractions, it’s time you start leveraging these tools in the classroom to increase engagement and prepare students for the real world.

Sprout Social - 09/11/2017 - Tiffany Salzman


28+ Powerful Facebook Stats Your Brand Can’t Ignore in 2017

What began as a way for college students to connect has grown into one of the world’s largest social networks. In turn, it has become one of the best marketing resources too. But in order to be successful on Facebook, you have to dig below the surface and familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the platform and analytics.

Sprout Social - 09/11/2017 - Maddy Osman