Weekly Social Media Roundup: Oct 2, 2017


Reese’s brings Pac-Man to Snapchat

Hershey-owned Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups is ramping up its marketing game before the holiday season. The brand lately introduced a Pac-Man themed game on Snapchat to reach young candy lovers who typically don’t use Facebook or watch TV.

Digiday - 09/28/2017 - Yuyu Chen


Facebook’s Algorithm: 3 Must-Know Changes

Facebook is always tinkering with its algorithms and it can be challenging to keep track of everything. This summer, Facebook’s key updates included demoting spammers, screening out fake news, testing AI with a personal assistant “M,” as well as bringing emojis and new filters to Facebook Messenger.

Marketo - 09/29/2017 - Charles Dearing


Turning off retargeting could hurt publishers and empower Google, Facebook

People being stalked around the internet with ads for the same pair of sneakers is one of the unfortunate side effects of digital advertising. But online ad campaigns still rely on retargeting because, well, it works.

Digiday - 09/27/2017 - Ross Benes


How to Easily Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

How much time do you spend switching between social media tools in one day? Is it worth it to consolidate that time into an all-in-one solution?
There comes a time in every social media manager’s career where you get tired of jumping between tools. Maybe you’re now managing one company’s accounts on three different networks. Even your engineering team wanted their own social account under your brand name.

Sprout Social - 09/26/2017 - Jenn Chen


4 Steps for Creating a Social Media Calendar

If you’re not taking the time to plan your social media calendar in advance, you could end up scrambling to find content to share. This is a big problem because sharing quality content across your social channels is one of the most important things you can do to engage your audience and attract new followers.

Sprout Social - 09/25/2017 - Dominique Jackson