Weekly Social Media Roundup: Oct 9, 2017


Facebook’s recent controversies haven’t caused marketers to love it less

Addressing a room of marketing executives at ANA Masters of Marketing, Erik Geisler, director of U.S. agency for Facebook, said his company has been at the forefront of brand safety. “We are selective on content that can be monetized,” he said in an Oct. 4 panel called “Brands in Crisis.” “More third-party verification will come in 2018.”

Digiday - 10/06/2017 - Yuyu Chen


11 Tips & Tactics for Expert-Level Social Selling

Social media has provided brands and businesses with a platform to engage with their customers. But rather than just nurturing your relationships with existing customers, you can also use social media to find and convert valuable leads.

Sprout Social - 10/05/2017 - Shane Barker


5 Tips to Prevent a Social Media Nightmare

There are all kinds of situations that can go wrong for a brand to trigger a crisis. Whether it’s a poorly timed tweet, a typo, or even a scandal, you need to be ready to deal with a crisis. It is equally important to prevent one from happening. The best way to do this is to plan in advance. Having a strategy for both preventing a crisis and reducing the impact of one can significantly help.

Marketo - 10/04/2017 - Hannah Williams


7-Step Social Media Advertising Strategy to Better Performing Ads

You’ve felt it. Your organic content doesn’t have the same reach on social media anymore. In fact, BuzzSumo found Facebook posts from brand pages saw a 20% decline in engagement just since January 2017. Ouch. You’ve certainly felt it.

Sprout Social - 10/04/2017 - Alex York


Inside Birchbox’s 40-person social media war room

On September 14, Birchbox’s seventh anniversary, the beauty retailer and subscription company held its fourth annual Customer Appreciation Day, a tradition started in 2013 to drive brand awareness, traffic and sales. Forty team members from across departments were on deck in the first Birchbox social media “war room” to respond to commenters with personalized messages and offers.

Digiday - 10/02/2017 - Hilary Milnes


How to Use Facebook Carousel Ads to Dramatically Lower CPC

If you’re going to splash some cash on social ads, Facebook is the place to do it.
The power of the platform is well-documented, especially given that 93% of marketers are already on board with Facebook ads. Meanwhile, the ability to drill down and target hyper-specific audiences through display ads and Facebook remarketing is second-to-none versus other social networks.

Sprout Social - 10/02/2017 - Brent Barnhart