So, you’re one of those people who actually likes to know who they are working with? We can respect that!


We were going to have a cool timeline graphic, but we started SocialXpresso in 2016, so the graphic wasn’t very impressive.

We are a group of digital marketing industry veterans who decided in 2016 to focus only on social media marketing. Many people have asked us why we decided to specialize, and the answer is rather simple. We love it, and we hate the way most agencies are doing to it.

YES…you read that right. The vast majority of digital agencies treat social media marketing like the forgotten child. Sure, they post the odd update to your channels, but everyone in marketing knows that without a solid strategy you’re spinning your wheels.


And speaking of strategies, ours just got a massive boost. As of July 2017, we’re now a Sprout Social Agency Partner. That means we’re now part of a network that offers unfettered access to the latest social thinking.

We’re also proud to be pioneers of sorts. As the world’s leading social media marketing authority, Sprout Social has been around for a while. However, we joined the partner program just as it’s being launched. This is great news for us, but it’s even better for you because it’s not just our world that opened up to the vast resources of Sprout Social, but yours, too.

We will never describe ourselves as gurus or experts. We are experienced social media marketers who are always learning and use the best tools available to the industry.

Yeah we use some pretty cool tools! No these aren’t the kind of tools that you set and forget, but they are the kind of tools that allow our small team to perform like a large agency.

If you’ve been thinking about wading into the world of social media marketing for the first time, or you’ve tried before with little or no success, we would love to chat.